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12814222_1117130801642238_4215544315628667839_nThe Revelation of Jesus Christ!

This past week I had been praying about the sermon for Easter morning. God began to speak to me about revelation and how He reveals Himself to us so that we can know Him.  This revelation comes because we are in relationship with God and He want to be known.  He didn’t go to the cross and fulfill the law so that we could have a new set of rules to follow, a new religion where we simply behave.  He was making access to God.  He was making the Way to Him.  Jesus’ blood was shed to pay for our sins.  That payment makes us free men and right with God and able to be in His Holy presence.  Preaching this message this morning was a blast!  Watching the folks at Wellspring receive the revelation that God had given me was awesome!  Many cried through the entire thing.  The best part was when I shared how God showed me that each person gets to know Him in different ways.  One will suffer deeply and will know Him in His suffering.  In the ways other can not know Him.  Some will know Him as the redeemer, some as the provider and so on.  And as we share our testimonies we receive revelation of who Jesus is from each other.  The impact was real.  At the end of the service one of our Overseers came forward and repented, let everything in the past and decided to move on with Jesus.  This service was so meaningful to me.  God showed up.  I pray that you are able to open your ears and open your heart to receive the revelation that this message yielded to we who were in attendance.  Please leave a comment and let us know how God has impacted you.

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