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2015-10-14 21.44.11

The Holy Spirit Fell On the Children

Tonight something very intense happened.

13081805_10154169402977704_257319562_nI’m not even sure how to explain it. The New Life Drama Team did their skits and then had an alter call in Bill’s Coffee House at Wellspring at the Cross. I went up for prayer as did a number of others. When Dustin was praying for Zeb he began by speaking in tongues.  One of the kids, Lydia, who is 10 years old, walked past them and the Holy Spirit fell on her so strong that she started weeping. She almost fell into my arms and was trying to calm down saying “I don’t understand what is happening it’s too intense!” So I took her face and looked into her eyes and asked her what was wrong because she was really crying. And she said, “When I walked past that guy praying I could feel that it was so intense, it was like, I don’t know, like God is coming out of me in my tears, like He is in every tear.” And she sobbed. She was shaking. Then she said, “I don’t understand what is happening.” I asked her if the guy frightened her because I wasn’t clear about what was causing her to be so upset and she shook her head no. Then she said, “I am shaking like nervous in my whole body and I feel like God is here and it’s so intense that I don’t know what to do,” and wham it hit me. All of the sudden I couldn’t talk. I was actually having trouble breathing.  It was so, heavy, like all consuming that I didn’t know what to do either but I could not talk.  I motioned to Brenda who was noticing us to come over and when she got there I asked Lydia to tell her what was going on because I couldn’t talk under the enormity of emotion that was pressing my insides to the point of popping. Now I know what many of you are thinking because you have been in services where these kinds of things have happened, as have I, however, at Wellspring we have been really trying to seek God with an intent for authentic expressions of the Holy Spirit and God has been moving but not like this. So the children especially have no experience of “revival” type services.

It began to spread.

13059820_10154169402797704_1377571465_nHere Lydia was trying to tell Brenda what was going on when her brother Issac approached very concerned.  He asked what was going on and started to listen to Lydia and then he abruptly dashed away.  I walked up to one of the drama team people, Becca, and told her what happened to Lydia and all of the sudden she seemed over come by emotion in the same way.  Issac then interrupted us and he also was feeling it.  He told me, “I don’t know what is happening.  I am afraid to go pray for my sister.  Something nervous hit me and it’s making my whole body nervous.”  He looked very excited and dashed up to Dustin asking him to pray for him. I noticed Danny then, 8 years old, crying really hard on his dad’s lap and a new girl, Sam going up to be prayed for with big tears in her eyes.  As these kids got their composure they made their way to me telling me what was happening.  They each were overcome with emotion, a nervous feeling, a sense that God was present and that it was effecting them deeply and that they had to cry.  I kept asking the Lord what to do but I had no clue.  So I just walked around talking to them listening for the Holy Spirit to direct us or explain of give some kind of indication what He where He wanted to go with this but there was nothing.  Just this huge awareness that He was near and a huge response of emotion.

2015-10-14 21.45.24I don’t even know what to say about this except that something is happening in our kids.

The past few days I found myself thinking that we needed to do something geared towards the kids that really communicated the message of the Cross and that Jesus has made a way for us to have a real relationship with God.  So when this happened tonight I was arrested by the way the Holy Spirit seemed to be moving in our children.  I am stunned.  I am excited.  I can’t wait to get back in church and see what God is going to.  I feel like something big is breaking out and the first light has hit the children because they are by nature more open.  Here we go.

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