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First Prayer Meeting After the Abortion Clinic Closed



At the Prayer Meeting tonight at Wellspring at the Cross the Holy Spirit really showed up in a number of ways and encouraged us all so deeply. The night began with worship as it usually does but this particular Prayer Meeting was very special because it was the first one preceding the closing of the abortion Clinic on Gillett Street in Appleton. The closing of that particular abortion clinic is so significant to our group because we have been praying since 2003 that it would close. In 2003 the Lord told me that this particular abortion clinic would be removed, would be closed down and not used again. He told me that the a plumbline that was to recalibrate the church in the Valley to His Headship during a time He called “the Dark Night” would be complete when the clinic closed. He said back in 2003 that the Paradise Strip Club out by the mall would also close and would close before the clinic. The Strip Club closed in 2014.


The Abortion Clinic closed Monday August 22, 2016.


Because the abortion Clinic closing was to be the indicator to pray at Saint John’s Catholic church the following night and that even was such an awesome event we came to this Prayer Meeting expecting God to do something!


During the worship time as I was asking the lord about what was next, what He wanted us to do as we enter this time after the “Dark Night” He began to speak to me about a bottle of perfume, breaking it and pouring it out for Jesus. As I asked Him about this He showed me scaffolding being built up and explained that it was the platform from which He wants me to prophecy. He showed me that the platform was being built up upon the apostolic and that brought a prophecy that I had recently sent to the church leaders to mind.


As I read them I could see that the Lord was answering our questions about what He wants us to do next.


December 19, 2006

“Pass through, pass through the gates.”   “Pass through, pass through the gates.”

When passing through the gates, you don’t look which way to go.  You just pass through.  There is not time for looking for alternates / alternatives.  If you are looking here and there, then you aren’t passing through the gate.

You come through the gate through repentance.  As I have said before, they’ll have to cross over through repentance but they will cross over.  Referring to what He has said before: (In a previous vision, the Holy Spirit had talked of a plumbline and there would be sheep on both sides of the plumbline.  He would engage the sheep on the one side but not the other.  He explained that once the plumbline was in place, the only way for the sheep on the side of the plumbline that wasn’t being engaged by Him to get to the side of the plumbline that was being engaged by Him was through repentance.)

You find your identities in far lesser things.   In the curse of an evil man you find your identity. I have given you authority to break off shame.  Remember, it’s about breaking off the shame.  Let compassion guide you.

They find their identity in the prowling of the night.  This saddens me.  Will they not find their identity in me?  Will they not find their identity in me?  Me – the King of Kings and Lord of lords.  Will they not find their identity in me?  If they will find their identity in me, I will stamp them with my signet ring; I will put a cloak on their shoulders; I will lift them up among men; I will put my name on their forehead and hand; I will royal them; I will make them royal.  A crown. Their good works will earn them crowns.  Your generation has lost the significance of good works.  Your good works will earn that crown and you will lay it at My feet.  We will feel the weight of the crown and that weight will be significant in that moment.

Now you see Me through a veil.  One day will come and you will see Me face to face; My face on your face.  Blessed are those who are pure in heart.  They will see God.

If you find your identity in the church, you will fall away.  If you find your identity in me, you will stay in the pen.

Build up the highway. Prepare the way for the people.  Pass through the gates.  And remember to raise up a banner – in my name – with my identity.

IMG_0842October 2, 2006 The Millennials

            “Tell the Millennialists to pound out a garden with green grass

               where I can stand”.
“Then build a crevice in which I can pour greener grass and overflow

              “No one is laying hands on the young people and praying”.

              “Pound out a garden where I can stand.”

“…anointed intercessors laying hands on these young people and going at it until they sense a release;  warring in the Spirit through prayer; binding assignments from the enemy; breaking off the agenda of the spirit of the age; loosing the gifts of the Holy Spirit; encouraging with the written word spoken over them with clear directives from the Spirit; praying in Spirit and Truth; and then do it again and again, until the garden is prepared and overflow comes.”



April 28, 2009

If the enemy knows that this; if one country knows another country gets a nuclear weapon then they know they’re in trouble.  This is like spiritual dark-side knows when the body of Christ has an army of prophets that are true and have been fed on the sincere milk of the Word and have been matured to the full stature of Christ then they have like a nuclear weapon, like a devastating weapon, He said a devastating weapon.


When we speak a prophecy we speak it into the spiritual realm and it establishes things, it like establishes, “It’s like this Joie” is what He is saying “Thy Kingdom come, Thy Will be done on earth as it is in heaven.”  Thy Kingdom come, we know Thy Will by He speaks to the prophets; we speak it on earth as it is in heaven and then it creates a platform, a spiritual platform.

There can’t be any platform unless an apostle under girds the platform.  So like the flat part, the flat part is like the platform from the prophet but the scaffolding or the stuff that is beneath it is the apostle.  So you can’t really have a platform unless an apostle puts, builds that platform, supports that platform.

Now He is showing me like you walk out on this platform it’s like a little, it’s like faith, it’s like you’re up high and you’re afraid of heights and you’re afraid to walk out on that platform but that’s where He has to be, out on that platform.

This is for Scott Hodgson.  God wants him to stand up.  He is to stand; he’s standing; He wants him to stand firm.  He has to stand firm ‘cause something coming is going to rely on his standing firm.  So now we pray that he has grace to stand.

Now He is saying Cindy, He wants you to take that on.  He wants you to stand in the gap and pray for Scott that in this time he’ll stand firm. I am seeing spinning.  And He’s saying “Yes, that’s the spinning plumbline.”  He’s talking to you Mindy.  The plumbline is that Christ is the head.

He’s saying He’s raising the ceiling, a lot.  There is like a ceiling on us that we can try and try to do and try and nothing was really going to work.  Now the ceiling is raising so as we obey things will work easier; things will come together quicker; things will be able to produce.  So what you couldn’t do before you will be able to do now.  What was difficult before will be easy now.  What was causing you grief and sorrow will bring you joy and rejoicing.  So in that sense the oppression.  But it is not about lifting oppression; it’s about opening the abilities.  It’s just a difference in focus.

“The time is short.”  We are supposed to take what’s at our hands to do.  Take the plow.  Take whatever’s at our hands to do.  For the time is short.


May 30, 2010

a3568c4a4e2438074816468d2eb0592cWhen men step out from under His Headship they begin to create philosophies, methods, and ministries out of their own ideas, logic, and flesh. This lack of Headship has created a very weak, ineffective, and unholy church. It has created a mongrel. 

It is the Christian who refuses to be tossed about by new teachings and whims and crafty ways of deceiving others, and who chooses to simply speak the truth in love, that matures into submission of Christ’s Headship.

He is calling us to stand firm and speak the truth in love. If we cower back and allow these teachings to silence us, we become advocates of not allowing Christ to be the Head. Our voice of light is paramount in darkness. Our stand is integral to the advancement of the Kingdom of Light.

We are soldiers called to fight against principalities of darkness, and we fight with a sword of the Spirit, the Word of God. I am prophetically calling you stand! To take up your cross and follow Christ as your Head! To press on to the high calling of God in Christ Jesus by speaking the truth in love as you grow up in all things into Him who is the Head, that is, Christ.


IMG_4818Praying for Zeb and Matt

When we finished discussing what these prophecies meant for what we are to do now both Zeb Pirkey and Matt Haung who lead the monthly Millennial Nights at Wellspring asked for prayer regarding their ministry with them. So we set them in the center of the circle and we prayed for them. The Lord spoke to me to read this scripture over them:


Zephaniah 3:14

Sing aloud, O daughter of Zion;

    shout, O Israel!

Rejoice and exult with all your heart,

    O daughter of Jerusalem!


The Lord has taken away the judgments against you;

    he has cleared away your enemies.

The King of Israel, the Lord, is in your midst;

    you shall never again fear evil.


On that day it shall be said to Jerusalem:

“Fear not, O Zion;

    let not your hands grow weak.


The Lord your God is in your midst,

    a mighty one who will save;

he will rejoice over you with gladness;

    he will quiet you by his love;

he will exult over you with loud singing.


I will gather those of you who mourn for the festival,

    so that you will no longer suffer reproach.[c]


Behold, at that time I will deal

    with all your oppressors.

And I will save the lame

    and gather the outcast,

and I will change their shame into praise

    and renown in all the earth.


At that time I will bring you in,

    at the time when I gather you together;

for I will make you renowned and praised

    among all the peoples of the earth,

when I restore your fortunes

    before your eyes,” says the Lord.

  1. September 6, 2016

    Great article, Jo. God is speaking and doing what He says; and isn’t that the integrity of the nature of God, doing what He is, and is what He’s doing.

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